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Introducing SAHA Lentils Paste!

Tasty, healthy, and most of the kids love it too! SAHA Lentils Paste is a mix of lentils, brown rice, and onions and is a popular comfort food for everyone. It's perfect for a vegetarian or vegan main dish (and gluten free, too!) and fantastic as a hearty side dish for kebabs or roast chicken.

Lentils paste is also versatile: it's hearty enough for a chilly evening, but also great served at room temperature as part of a summer lunch. With its subtle spices, it is an exotic change of pace!

Not only is SAHA Lentils Paste tasty, but it's healthy, too. Lentils are considered one of the superfoods—high in fiber, protein, vitamin B, and iron, and when combined with rice make for a complete protein dish. Olive oil and onions have plenty of health benefits, too. When eating it as a main dish, we usually accompany it with one or two different fresh Mediterranean-inspired salads, such as cucumbers and yogurt, or tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onions.

Some also like to eat SAHA Lentils Paste as a dip for their chips or vegetables (similar to the Bean Dip but healthier). Try it spread on a piece of pitta bread and thank me later!

While Lentils Paste can be a little time consuming to make (especially that we make this dish even more healthy by substituting brown rice for the more traditional white rice—and brown rice takes so long to cook), the good news is that you can now save all hustle and order it from us!

SAHA Lentils Paste is making its debut at Safety Harbor Market On Main tomorrow!